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The Missing Manual for Essential Internship Skills

You did it. All those hours slaving over your portfolio, tweaking your resume, and forcing your friends to give you mock interviews paid off, and you landed the internship offer. Now all you need to do is produce great work, impress everyone, and get that return offer.

Except… it's not that easy. It turns out that nobody — not your professors, not your friends, not your managers at previous internships — taught you the most important skills to actually succeed in the tech industry.

Your courses may have covered how the Internet works, but not how to understand and exceed your manager's expectations. You may know all the shortcuts for your favorite software, but none of the ways to gain the respect of your team.

In the real world, it's not enough to just be good at your craft — you have to be good with people. I learned that the hard way by spending entire internships thinking I was doing a decent job only to find out at the end that not everyone agreed. I eventually discovered that excelling at an internship required a drastically different approach.

Intern Playbook is the missing manual for the essential skills you need to succeed. With the help of the Intern Playbook course, community, and coaching, you'll be prepared to get the most out of your internship and set yourself up for a thriving career.


Shirley Ai
Technical Program Manager

This is the most well put together guide for getting the most out of your internship that I’ve ever come across. It’s full of insights that only come from extensive experience - both as an intern and an intern manager. My internship experience would have been drastically different if I had access to this course!


Zain Shah
Data Science Lead

The “intern” playbook is fantastic. You’ll not only learn how to take unique advantage of being an intern and what to do to get a return offer, but also how to be a great teammate in general. I want everyone I work with to go through it, not just the interns!

The Intern Playbook Experience


Intern Playbook Course

Learn how to succeed at every phase of your internship with the guidance of a hands-on online course.

You can read advice all day long, but it's pointless unless you put it into action. That's why this course is designed around concrete actions that will transform you from just another intern to an unforgettable standout.

This course is for you if you're willing to leap outside your comfort zone. You'll have to put in the work to get great results, but you'll have help every step of the way with detailed examples you can reference — everything from email templates for building relationships with your team to suggested phrases you can use in meetings.

What You'll Learn

Module 0: Game Overview

Understand the biggest obstacles to succeeding at your internship and how to overcome them.

  • Getting a return offer is important, but there's also so much more. Learn the three major opportunities to take advantage of during your internship.
  • Understand the "intern mindset" and why it's so detrimental to your success.
  • What do companies consider when giving return offers? We'll break down the core requirements and how to meet them.

Module 1: The Pre-Game

Set yourself up for success by jumpstarting your learning and preparing useful skills and systems for your internship.

  • Find out how to use the Just-In-Time approach to accelerate your learning at your internship.
  • Want a head start on your internship? I'll show you specific steps you can take to hit the ground running.
  • Develop an organization system perfect for internships that you'll later thank yourself for learning.

Module 2: The Early Game

Start off right by building crucial relationships with your team and avoiding common mistakes interns make.

  • Discover how to stop feeling intimidated by your manager and love working with them instead.
  • Build crucial relationships with your new teammates by following the step-by-step process I use when I join a new team.
  • Save yourself countless hours during your internship by using the 30 Minute Rule.

Module 3: The Mid Game

Assess your performance and identify areas for improvement by collecting actionable feedback.

  • Do you know how your internship is going? We'll go over how to assess how your progress.
  • Getting honest feedback is hard. I'll show you how to collect feedback you can actually use.
  • Want to up your game? Pick up strategies for extra things you can do to get even more out of your internship.

Module 4: The End Game

Finish strong by showcasing your work and nurturing your relationships to last your entire career.

  • You're in the home stretch! I'll show you some final things you can do to improve your odds of getting a return offer.
  • Find out how to effectively promote your work without feeling sleazy.
  • Learn the specific actions I take to make sure my relationships endure for years after the internship.

Alex Roe
Product Manager

Intern Playbook is a cheat code for crushing your internship. There's no doubt that what you'll learn in this course will give you a massive edge and help you get your career off to the best start. I hope all future interns I work with have the chance to go through this course.


Keji Xu
Solutions Architect

Intern Playbook is the course I wish I had taken before my internship or even my full-time job. The mindsets taught in the course for working with other people are not just useful for getting a return offer, but are also valuable in day-to-day life. Highly recommended.


Intern Playbook Community

Make lasting connections through the Intern Playbook community and your very own squad taking the course with you.

When you join, you'll be connected to the entire community through the Intern Playbook Facebook group. Meet interns outside of your company and easily make friends across the industry.

You'll also be part of a personal squad, a small group of interns with a tight-knit feel. Your squad is your Intern Playbook family — ask them your "dumb" questions, share dope memes, and make weekend plans together. Bonding with your squad and getting their support at every step will easily be one of the highlights of your internship.


Shubhro Saha
Software Engineer

Intern Playbook covers many important aspects of a tech internship. It's a gem I wish I had when I interned.


Alexa Herasimchuk
Product Designer

DK’s created the Intern Playbook with a lot of love, hard work, and appreciation. I definitely recommend this course.

Personalized Coaching

Get personalized support throughout your internship with group and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Sometimes, you just need a second opinion. Maybe you had a confusing conversation with your manager and don't know what it means. Or you're not sure if you're doing what you're supposed to be doing.

You don't need to figure everything out on your own. With group and one-on-one coaching sessions, you'll work directly with me and have regular check-ins throughout your internship to make sure you're on the right track. Playing the game is a lot easier with a coach by your side.


Interns I've Worked With

Current and upcoming interns who had an individual coaching session during the development of Intern Playbook


Nehir Akdag
Software Engineering Intern

As someone who has already had multiple tech internships, I didn't expect going into my conversation with DK that I'd get so much out of it. His approach is incredibly well thought-out and includes many important firsthand tips that can't be found in any general guides online. I would sincerely recommend Intern Playbook to any incoming interns. I had so many eye-opening moments in just a brief conversation — I can only imagine how beneficial the full course would be.


Diane Phan
Data Engineering Intern

DK is an amazing person to talk to because he is so genuine and kind. Although our talk was short, I was able to learn about other activities I could do to make my internship worthwhile. The next day, I started scheduling coffee and tea chats with people around the office to understand the people and company culture more. I look forward to the next time I can work with DK!


Audrey Ho
Business Technology Analyst Intern

DK recommended ways for reaching out to managers and mentors within my internship, tools I should learn before going in, and other things I can do to be a great intern at my company. His advice was clear and helpful, and he provided useful insight about what to do going into my first internship. I really enjoyed speaking with DK!


Jerry Liu
Platform Architecture Intern

DK was incredibly informative on a variety of internship topics, from building a strong relationship with my manager to transitioning to a different role. Even though I've already done two internships, he helped me change my mindset and take action to grow my work relationships instead of waiting for others to "talk to the intern". He's a fun guy to talk to!


Hi, I'm DK.

After my freshman year, I worked my butt off at my Facebook internship but had no idea what I was doing. At the end of the 12 weeks, no one but my manager knew what I had even worked on.

Fast forward to my final internship at Google. My manager told me that after a presentation I gave, a director had pulled him aside and said, "We should hire this guy."

That transformation didn't come easily. It took four internships in various company cultures (30-person startup to Google), locations (Silicon Valley, New York, Seattle), and roles (software engineering, product management) to learn the essential mindsets and behaviors required to succeed as an intern. Unfortunately, not everyone gets that many chances.

I created Intern Playbook so that you can avoid all the mistakes I made and benefit from my experience being an intern, working with interns as a full-time product manager at Google, and developing this course with the aid of numerous interns and mentors. Intern Playbook will help you perform at your best, form meaningful relationships, and build a fruitful career. This is a game we can all win.

My Past Internships


Capella Yee
Product Manager

The Intern Playbook thoughtfully breaks down how to approach an internship and demystifies common situations interns encounter. From soft skills like handling the inevitable confusion and lack of knowledge as you ramp up to practical advice on task management and communicating with your manager, this guide is indispensable for anyone going into their internship. I wish I’d had DK’s insights to guide my first forays into the tech world.


Kevin Lee
Group Technical Program Manager

There isn’t a better guide out there on how to master your internship. The modules provide a very practical and thoughtful approach to ensuring you gain the most experience out of your short time at the company and of course, maximizing your chances of landing an offer. I wish I had something like this to follow throughout my internships.


Akshay Kumar
Senior Software Engineer

This course is useful because it tackles internship success at the deepest level. In addition to providing practical tips and tactics, it teaches a mindset that will allow interns to face new challenges with wisdom and grace. I wish I had taken this course before I started at Google.


Shiva Kilaru
Senior Engineer

I highly recommend Intern Playbook to anyone looking to get the most out of their internship. DK has condensed his wealth of experience into an effective course that quickly gets you up to speed on the most important things to know. He’s also quite possibly the best person to get life advice from in general.

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